Boat Engine

Keeping the Heart of Your Boat, Healthy

Every boat owner should know that the outboard motor, built for speed, power and endurance, still faces the harshest conditions as a piece of outdoor machinery driving boats of all weights and sizes through large bodies of water. So, it should make sense that to maintain the motor’s longevity and quality of performance, it should be regularly maintained. Knowing how the motor works is a great start when considering maintenance needs. Components of the Outboard Motor Ignition In order for a [...]

Marina59 SeaView

Most Common Problems Boat Owners Experience, According to Expert Boat Mechanics

A day out on a boat, fishing or exploring Jamaica Bay, the Hudson or East Rivers and beyond, should not be ruined by a mechanical issue that could have been prevented or easily solved, if you just knew how. Knowledge is power over the unpredictable. Boating Magazine recently surveyed a group of expert mechanics to uncover the most common problems boat owners experiences that they’ve encountered. When the boat sputter to a halt or starts to lose its drive. This [...]